French is Fun

French classes in Cape Town

Other aspects


Introduction to French culture
It is important for foreign tourists to France to understand the way things are done there. As an example, the French always greet shopkeepers and they in turn greet their customers. Failing to do this would be considered rude. Relevant aspects of French history, geography, political administration and social attitudes are explained in order to help with understanding their culture.


Travel in France
Having travelled extensively in France myself and knowing many students past and present who have sought France out as a holiday destination, I feel I am in a position to advise those who would like to travel there. If students are needing visas to travel to France, I am in contact with the relevant authorities here who could speed up the process.


French spoken in Africa
It is certainly in our interests to be able to speak and understand French as 65% of Africa speaks the language. Indeed security in our car parks is largely due to the focused attention of the polite French speaking car guards from countries like the DRC, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Cameroon.




Rocamadour in the Lot region